I’m still here…

Sorry for the long silence, life managed to get in the way of my blogging and knitting! I think for the first time in years, I went for a whole week without knitting a stitch. Luckily I’m slowly beginning to get my knitting mojo back.

I’ve been knitting Juno in the Rowanspun aran I bought from the Cucumberpatch. This pattern knits up SO quickly - it’s such a relief! I’ll try and get it finished , so I can post some interesting pictures. You can spot it in a crumpled heap in the photo above.

The highlight of the photo above though is my new basket - perfect for carrying wool and needles. This was a present from my Auntie Kath and I really love it. I think that this picture of it with the Monkey’s briefcase could be some sort of alternative family portrait ;-)

Anyway, I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a long post as my brain just isn’t up to it. I have actual proof of this sad fact. Today I bought a beautiful little acceptance card for my friend’s wedding and when I got home from work, I merrily sat down to write it (I spent ages coming up with the perfect wording). I was just about to put the card in the envelope when I realised that I’d written it to myself. I mean literally ‘Dear Kendra, Thank you for the invitation…’. Maybe I need an early night?

Best wishes

A friend from where I used to work has just had a baby girl. So I’ve knitted the hat and bunny from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino 2. They were so quick to knit, and I really like knitting with this wool.

I’m never sure what I think about horoscopes but sometimes there is a resemblance in people’s characters who were born in the same month, which is hard to explain. It’s my brother’s birthday in a few days time and when I heard about this baby being born, I remembered my Mum telling me about the horoscope she read when my brother was born. It said something like Aries is a happy, gambolling lamb. That certainly is the case for my brother - he is one of the most optimistic people and it would be rare to spot him without a smile. But it isn’t just that he is happy, he is one of those rare people who brings happiness wherever he goes. I can honestly say that I’ve never met anyone who dislikes him. Even in the worst moments of family life it will be him who makes people feel like laughing again. So, if I were to make a ‘fairy-tale’ wish for this new baby, it would be that they will share my brother’s gift for bringing happiness and being loved. But definitely not his untidiness or love of loud music ;-)

By the way, thank you for all the nice comments on the Celtic Stole. I’ve almost finished writing it up and then I’ll post it as a free pattern on my blog for anyone who is interested.