A little mouse with clogs on...

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Bunkey's forthcoming arrival. It really meant a lot to me.

I’m feeling pretty relaxed after two weeks holiday but I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I just hope there haven’t been any disasters while I’ve been away.

Monkey and I had a lovely holiday, we started off in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, which is a truly beautiful place. It is how I would imagine the Shire would look in the Lord of the Rings, so it didn’t surprise me when I did a quick google search and found this article, which says that Tolkien was a frequent visitor to the area.

After a few days we moved on to Kilmarnock in Scotland and the next day went across to the Isle of Arran for two days to attend my friends’ wedding. It was really wonderful, Arran is just stunning - the perfect setting for a wedding.

We acquired a little hitchhiker along the way. I made it from the Lucinda Guy book ‘Designs for Kids’ as a present for my friend who bought me this book and another Lucinda Guy book when she found out I was pregnant. My friend knows me so well, I love all the patterns! Anyway since I made this I haven't been able to get the 'little mouse with clogs on' song out of my head so that explains the title of this post.

We came home via Wigan and Manchester and managed to catch up with relatives who live nearby. We saw my Aunt, Uncle and my cousins and their other halves. This was especially nice as the Monkey hadn’t really had a chance to meet them before and he really, really liked them which makes me happy because I know how lovely my relatives are and it is nice to share it!

We also went to see his Brother’s new house in Manchester which is by the Mersey and surprisingly quiet (I didn’t even realise the Mersey went through Manchester!)

Since we have got back we have been tiling, painting and generally decluttering in preparation for the baby. Who would have thought that it would already be so much work!! I’ve included a picture of the tiling - I know it isn’t that great but my Mum will want to see it because she received a panicky call from me when the tiles were sliding down the wall and adhesive was going everywhere on Friday (I’d applied way too much - oh well everyone has to learn).

On the knitting front, I’ve gone back to the Juno cardigan and have almost finished the collar so hopefully I’ll be able to finally post a proper finished item soon! About time...