Bunny Hop

The children have been ill this week. Not very ill but enough to mean too much time spent indoors, too many tantrums and too little sleep.  The result of this has been a complete loss of bounce from all members of the family.  It really has been difficult to identify even the smallest of springs in our steps.  Maybe that is why I’ve been sewing rabbits - little, pointless, whimsical bunnies from scraps of felt and linen.  They are filled with lavender and the little brown one has a secret little message stitched on his bottom.

By the way, the copy of Anne of Green Gables in the top photo is actually a beautifully made notebook from the Folksy shop Dab and a Dash.  I couldn’t resist buying the journal when I saw it on Folksy as Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite books of all time.  I was completely obsessed with it when I was a child.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before...

I have to show you my other little Folksy purchase too, this adorable little fox from the lovely Natalie at NOfkants Curios (if you ever need a gift this is the place to go to Natalie has an amazing range of items).
I’m going to go over and have a look at the other HandmadeMonday blogs now.  So I’ll leave you with a picture of a business card holder I made using one of my Dorset buttons.