Pretty little things

It’s strange how small accomplishments can often bring the greatest pleasure: a completed crossword, a neat pile of ironing, a tray of perfectly risen cakes. That’s why sometimes creating small but beautiful things rather than knitting an inch of your current major project is a good use of a precious hour. I’ve been on a bit of a jewellery-making binge recently (both knitted and non-knitted) and I’ve put some photos of a couple of the things I’ve made below.  I'll put more projects in my next post, but I thought I'd stick to a sea theme in this one.

Blue wave -silver beaded cuff

Seafoam and Pearls - knitted lace choker

A simple seafoam stitch choker with pearls.  The buttons at the back are made with larger pearls and seed beads and the tiny button loops are just so sweet.

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Home help

The Bunkey loves to help around the house.  When I’m hanging the washing on the maidens to dry he follows behind me and carefully pulls it all off; he loves to come and peer into bowls of cake or scone mixes but as he also loves to try and get a sticky finger into the mixture, I’ve taken to giving him a big plastic bowl and wooden spoon so he can stir too.   Another task he enjoys is carefully sorting my embroidery threads (imagination will help you picture the kind of ‘sorting’ a 14 month old boy can do to a tin of brightly coloured cottons...)  But he does think he is helping and is so proud when I praise him for some particularly good ‘work’. 

Recently, I decided that it was about time that we made something together, so Alex helpfully obliged by making some lovely hand prints which we turned into the cushion pictured below.  I added a small amount of embroidery over the top just to give it a bit more texture.  2009 is going to be a year of make do and mend for me as it is the first year that I won’t be earning a wage. So the cushion is made out of an old tablecloth, the sofa it is sitting on has been recovered and then to salvage those covers recently re-dyed and the knitted cushion was made out of a ball of horrible old wool that has been hiding in my stash cupboard for a long time.  When the Monkey got home from work he thought I’d bought a new sofa!