Guilt is something that I am very good at. You know that stomach-turning, wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the night type of guilt? I’m not a bad person, I mean I haven’t got anything weighing too heavily on my mind but it is the small things that seem to haunt me. Like my new wool (pictured above)- did I really need it? Am I being too extravagant. Obviously the answer is ‘no’. Mainly because this is beautiful yarn (Rowan Kid Silk Haze - shade hurricane); it is for a present (I’m going to knit Cobweb from Rowan 40 for my brother’s girlfriend for Christmas); and Dreamcatcher made me do it (well effectively - I mean how you can show pictures of yarn like that on your blog and not expect people to give in to temptation?).

Matilda Jane is going well I’ve completed the body and just need to finish the trims and the sleeves - I’ve set myself the challenge to finish it this weekend (including the bank holiday) so hopefully I’ll be able to post a finished picture of it on Tuesday.

The title of this post came from the other guilt that is playing on my mind. Today I complained to my neighbours about the three fridges that have been sitting by the side of the house (it is converted into 5 flats) for the past 2 months. I feel terrible now, I’m not usually a complainer but our house is just so beautiful that these fridges and the accompanying huge pile of bin bags have been gnawing away at my sense of the aesthetic for a while. But the guilt now is awful, I actually didn’t properly complain just casually enquired whilst in the garden who the fridges might belong to… but I’m sure they saw through my feeble cover-up. Oh well, I’ll try not to stay awake all night worrying. I think I’ll take round a bottle of wine tomorrow…


Hurry up autumn I’m sorry for the long delay between posts but I have been on holiday. We went down to stay at my parents in Devon for a week. I thought I would have access to the internet but in the end I didn’t hence the silence recently. Anyway, we had such a great time - it was so relaxing and I was very happy to be home. I get very homesick for Devon, green fields, beaches and quiet emptiness. But most of all I get homesick for my parents and it was lovely to spend some time with them. Monkey and I have decided not to leave it so long between visits next time.

Anyway knitting news, I wanted to knit something small and frivolous after finishing the lace stole so in the car on the way down to Devon I knitted the Hurry-Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch and Bitch Nation. They were fun to knit and I think they look fine, however, my brother has made me promise never to wear these in public! I knit the arm warmers in Noro Silk Garden which I had lying dejectedly at the bottom of my stash.

Romantic break?The photo is taken in Trelissick Gardens in Cornwall, they are on the coast and combine beautiful gardens with breath taking views - I have put the water tower cottage down on my wish list of places to stay. It is actually in the National Trust garden!

knit in processWhile I was on holiday I also started knitting Matilda Jane by Ysolda . I’m really loving this pattern, it is very easy and the instructions are well written (plus aesthetically pleasing!) and as it is top down you can try it on for size as you knit. Ysolda is one talented girl and I always look forward to what she’ll be knitting next.

Anyway, I really want to catch up on all the blogs I’ve been missing while I was on holiday so I’d better go for now!

Okay, so you were all right…

Pattern: Print o’the Waves
Yarn: 100g Posh Yarn Cecila (50% cashmere 50% silk) in Ivory
Needles: 2mm (addi turbos - lovely)

I didn’t believe you but it is true the blocking process is miraculous. My Print o’the Waves stole is finished and I can’t describe to you how pleased I am with it. Last week I was very disheartened, I couldn’t see how what I had made could ever look good. I truly thought that I had wasted the last two months knitting this. But here it is and it is beautiful, I know that sounds conceited but I am just so surprised and pleased that I am letting myself be quite boastful about this!

The stole is feather-light and stirs in the breeze but the shaped edging still looks so crisp and sharp. I am very grateful to Eunny for providing this incredibly well written pattern on her website and I will definitely be knitting it again, although the next one I’m planning to make is lace weight rather than cobweb weight as my eyes need a rest from the 2mm needles.

Anyway, that is enough boasting from me, here is a last picture of the stole all packaged up and ready to send to Jo as an engagement present. By the way does anyone know what sort of care instructions I should give with this? I’ve only ever given knitted gifts to family before and I tend to end up washing those myself!