A little bit of colour…

These were going to be a beautiful little pair of plain cream bootees with tiny daisies sewn on them. I imagined that my baby might wear them with a little dress smocked and embroidered with more little, tiny, daises. That was because I was CONVINCED I was having a little girl, but today’s scan has conclusively shown that the Bunkey is a boy! And (after a little wistful sigh – only a very little sigh) I am delighted. I do love little boys, they always seem somehow more sensitive and innocent then little girls but maybe that is just the ones I have met. Besides, one day I will have a little girl to make dresses for and knit little lacy cardigans for. And in the meantime I’m planning on making a mini cricket jumper and some tiny but manly little jackets. I really am very, very happy.

Pattern: Zoe Mellor’s ‘50 baby bootees to knit’
Yarn: Jaeger Sienna 4-ply cotton
Needles: 2.75mm inox circulars

I know that I promised a picture of me and the bump in the Juno cardigan but I have been so busy lately and ill with a cold. The floods have been keeping everyone at work busy. Plus I’m in my dressing gown at the moment and I’m too lazy (and too comfy!) to go and get changed. ;-)

I almost forgot to say, Bryony asked in the comments to my last post about whether Juno was a bit chunky over the chest. It is fairly thick but the v-neck means it is still very flattering. I think that it would look great, regardless of how buxom one might be, as long as whatever you wear on the lower half balances it out.

Drum roll please….. Juno is finally finished!

Pattern: Juno Rowan Magazine 40
Yarn: Rowanspun Aran in Gables (It took less than 5 balls, which at only 3.50 each from Cucumberpatch means the cardigan only cost £17.50 – bargain!)
Needles: 5mm Denise interchangeables

This pattern was easy and it was a quick knit. I know it has taken me months to finish but that is because I was just not knitting! In actual knitting hours this comes together very quickly.

I like the design, I love the cabling and I think this will look great with a pair of jeans. I ended up going down a needle size even though I got gauge with the 5.5mm because I preferred the fabric on the smaller needles. I made the smallest size and didn’t bother altering it to account for the change in needles because for some reason all my knits from Rowan magazines have come out bigger than expected. This was no exception: on the smaller needles it is the perfect size.

I think with knitting the real proof of how good a project is, is how much it gets worn. I’ll have to let you know on that!

Anyway, now that this is out of the way I’m really enjoying the mystery lace although I’ll have to catch up this week. I’ve only just finished clue 1! But it can be my train knitting now, so it will soon speed up.

I can’t tell you what a weight off my shoulders it is to have finally finished Juno. I was feeling a bit of a knitting fraud while it was gathering dust on my needles.

Maybe I’ll do a post later in the week with a photo of me and the little bump wearing Juno. I always like to see people wearing the clothes they’ve made.


It doesn’t matter what you look like…..

Someone will love you.

I’ve been feeling unattractive recently: my clothes were all too tight, my hair is dry and my skin is bad. But today my Monkey took me out and bought me some lovely maternity clothes and then we went out for coffee and cake and now life is very, very good again. But really I know that it doesn’t matter that I’m not looking my best at the moment because he loves me anyway!

By the way I have given in and signed up for the mystery stole 3. My yarn is on its way. I just NEEDED to knit lace. Plus doing something like this will get me back knitting more again as I’ll want to keep up with everyone else.

And does anyone know of a (free?) cardigan pattern that I could use some Rowan Calmer for?