A bit woolly in the head

Yesterday afternoon Clever Monkey emailed me to tell me he had a German lesson after work. Obviously my first thought on hearing this was obviously “brilliant a chance for some unobserved stash enhancement“. Not that my husband would ever deny me my yarn but sometimes I’m a little bit ashamed of my own greed and like to hide it. Anyway I popped along to John Lewis after work and bought these items.

Just in case my picture doesn’t make it clear I bought lovely bag handles, some nice greeny wool to make a branching out (I saw Dreamcatcher's and had to have one of my own!) and I finally bought a ball of wool cotton to finish my bolero! I think I was fairly restrained given that I really wanted to by the yarn for Matilda Jane.
Anyway, I was so pleased with my knitting purchases that I seemed to go into some sort of knitting daze. 30 minutes later I realised I was on the wrong train going in the opposite direction. I don’t know how I did it but if I tell you that I set of at 18.45 and finally got home at 21.00 you’ll get an idea of how thoroughly lost I was. But as Clever Monkey said it was worth it for the wool…


dreamcatcher said...

LOL! If it's any consolation I tend to forget about pretty much everything else when confronted with yarn and patterns :-)

Can't wait to see Branching Out in the Cathay, gorgeous yarn. Have a pile of it waiting to be Sgt. Pepper. Did you get shade 13 by any chance?

Alice said...

Don't worry, I've been known to get on the wrong train more than once, and without the knitting reverie going on......What are the bag handles for? By the way, your friends' house does sound cool. My sis knows someone that has a phone and a radio built into their shower "pod". But I'd prefer the robot hoover myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I couldn't see an email address to contact you on, so I hope you don't mind me commenting instead! I just wanted to let you know that we've added your blog to our new links page. Feel free to link back, if you want!

Love, Dee

Sarah said...

Funnily enough the cathay is shade 8 the duck egg that you mentioned in your post!

Rebecca said...

oh you bought cathay? i want some, too. i've had my eye on the sweater on the front of the wish you were here book. am not sure about the plum, but maybe a teal.

i know what you mean about being greedy with yarn and trying to "minimize" your stash for your husband's eyes. my things are so piled up that he doesn't have a good idea of exactly how much i really own.