The Knitting days of Christmas

Finally walking the walk What a Christmas! Monkey and I have finally returned home after our festive trip round the relatives and I have managed to heave my mince pie-enhanced figure onto the sofa to do a bit of blogging and of course a lot of knitting.

First of all let me show you all the lovely knitterly gifts I received from my generous relatives. I think that the fact that I am totally obsessed with knitting means that pretty much everything I got was wool related! Anyway, you may wish to step back from your keyboard to avoid drool related problems as you read the list below:

For the first gift of Christmas,
my family gave to me,

For me?For the second gift of Christmas,
my family gave to me,
And a Knit Tin full of goodies.

For the third gift of Christmas,
my family gave to me,
Two Kim Hargreaves’ kits,
And a Knit Tin full of goodies.

For the fourth gift of Christmas,
my family gave to me,
cute blue sky needles,
Two Kim Hargreaves’ kits,
And a Knit Tin full of goodies.

For the fifth gift of Christmas,
lovelymy family gave to me,
three sets of markers,
cute blue sky needles,
Two Kim Hargreaves’ kits,
And a Knit Tin full of goodies.

For the sixth gift of Christmas,
my family gave to me,
three sets of markers,
cute blue sky needles,
Two Kim Hargreaves’ kits,
And a Knit Tin full of goodies.

*Buttercup and Fay
**Absolutely adorable you have to check out this link.

I received lots of other lovely non-knitting gifts too. The best of which was a slow cooker (Crock Pot)! If anyone has any good recipes please let me know.

Over Christmas I knitted a Jaywalker, as pictured in true Christmas style above (this has to be the most popular sock pattern ever doesn‘t it? Just one more pie can't hurt...I think I am the last person in blogland to knit one). Notice the “a”- I’ve only knitted one so far but I’m part way through the second and I’ll post some better photos of them when I have a pair. I have to admit I’m not a big sock knitter but I’ve really enjoyed knitting these and I love the Hip Knits variegated cashmere I’m using. It is so soft and it is interesting waiting to see what the colours will do on the different parts of the socks. So maybe I won’t leave it so long before I knit a pair of socks next time. Although finishing something and then having to knit the exact same thing all over again is a bit annoying. Maybe I’ll just knit odd socks from now on…

Anyway I’m going to go and ponder on my new year’s resolutions.


Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn....but my eyes keep drifting back to the tart.

acrylik said...

What amazing goodies you received!

Love your Jaywalker - I started one and then ripped it out, so I still have to have a go! Good luck with the 2nd one!

Sam said...

Lovely pressies - but I too couldnt help but keep going back to the mince pie :-)

artyfartykat said...

What is it about that mince pie? Its hypnotic!!
What brill pressies and I love the sock!

Angela said...

As we say here in America, You lucky dog! Wonderful gifts, just wonderful! Looks like you have lots of happy knitting ahead of you. Glad you are enjoying knitting your socks. I have not yet attempted the jaywalkers. Maybe I should give them a try with my self-gifted Three Waters hand painted yarn. Sounds like a good pattern:)


T said...

All great pressies, and aren't Buttercup and Fay just beautiful!

Brahdelt said...

Wow, wow and wow! What a great choice of Christmas gifts! Can we swap our families next year?... *^v^*

nat said...

You got a lot of great things for Christmas - I'm so jealous! I love your Jaywalkers, aren't they fun to knit? :)

Happy New Year, Kendra!

dreamcatcher said...

What fab prezzies, I love the Kim Hargreaves kits! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous Kendra. I received zero knitting related gifts and that would have been my first choice. Looks like you really made up for it though. The socks are looking pretty fab!! Hope you enjoy yourself ringing in the New Year tomorrow evening!!

José said...

What an awsome family you have, all i got was 10 boxes of chocolates!! ;) (which is nice, but a wee bit ott for me)
Your Jaywalkers are great, i never finished mine, far too fiddly for me :) Have a great new year!

Alice said...

Good grief - you lucky thing!

I'm glad you mentioned the resolutions as I'd forgotten about it.

Lovely colours in the Jaywalker, by the way.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Fab pressies! I love the cobweb cardi and the sock. Best wishes for 2007!

Anushka said...

Wow - what amazing gifts! How lucky you are to have a family that know you quite that well! :)

Happy New Year.

I? said...

Haven't knitted Jaywalkers. If I keep up with my long list of knitting projects dutifully cued up in a long long list I shall be able to cast them on in 2033. Lovely gifts, you lucky thing. You so full of good tips for where to get gorgeous knitting stuff. Happy New Year.

Sarah said...

ooh it's like a Christmas wish list! Love the Jaywalker can't wait to be brave enough to do that pattern. Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, what lovely presents!

Lara said...

Love the Kim Hargreaves kits! Such nice gifts you received!

I think I will be the last person to knit Jaywalkers. They are on my list, the yarn is here....but just haven't brought myself to casting on.

Yours turned out so pretty and that color is gorgeous. Instead of casting on my own pair I will just be envious of yours.

Badger said...

Wonderful pressies and a wonderful jaywalker too!

blog-blethers said...

What fantastic gifts! And absolutely love your Jaywalker. It's such an effective pattern, isn't it? I have made 2 pairs so far and have some Lorna's Laces Liberty just calling to be made into another pair! Happy New Year and enjoy creating with all your fab pressies!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed kniting my Jaywalkers, just didn't like them when I put them on -the knit created too stiff a fabric for my fussy toes, so I have ripped them back! Yours look good though, love the yarn!

Alison said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have a couple of good slow-cooker recipes; I'll type them up and send them to you. Just a quick check first - you're not vegetarian or allergic/averse to any foods are you? (Haven't read enough of your blog to find out, but it'd be fairly useless sending you a recipe for lamb shanks if you couldn't eat it!)