Blue sky!

Somebody pass me the suncream
The sun is shining for the first time in weeks and I am planning to sit and knit in the garden. Here is an update on my current knitting progress. Unusually for me I have three projects on the go at the moment.

1. Tempting II
I haven’t got that far with this yet, it is my watching TV and holding a sensible conversation knit (something I can’t seem to do when I am knitting lace). QuackI also can read while I’m knitting this - I love knitting and reading but I can only do it if I am knitting stocking stitch or rib. By the way I’ve just finished one of the best books I’ve read this year. It is called One Big Damn Puzzler by John Harding. It is funny and moving and one of those books where you miss the characters when you’ve finished it. By the way don’t you love my stitch marker? It is one my husband bought me for Christmas last year from Curious Yarns .

Not waving but drowning2. Print O’the Waves
I’m still going and I still love it but progress is slow! I’m worried about how many repeats to knit to make it long enough, - it is hard to tell how much bigger it will be when it is blocked. Does anyone have a handy guide to how much things increase by if you block them REALLY firmly?
By the way for anyone else doing this pattern Nat helpfully let me know that there is an error on the border pattern.

3. Shrug
I’m experimenting to try and use my one good left over ball of polar to come up with a circular shrug that obviously just takes one ball…. At the moment it just looks like a fuzzy mess so no photos yet.

Like an old oak tableI also wanted to show off my new knitting cabinet. It is a Wellington Chest (this basically means that the drawers have narrow wooden shutters that fold forwards and lock the drawers in place allowing them to be easily transported). This one is an antique that came from my husband’s grandparents. We are actually getting two but could only transport one at a time. Isn’t it beautiful? All my wool and needles are nice and tidy inside.

I had to use hello for my photos today as blogger is being bad. Posted by Picasa


ysolda said...

I love your little bird stitch marker :). I made little boleros from polar using about a ball and a half. If you're shrug is pretty skimpy you might get it out of a single ball. If you need some more I have the ends of balls of polar in almost every colour lying around. I'm not needing it so let me know if you want some to stretch yours a little further.

Anonymous said...

The stole looks so pretty! Can't wait to see it finished, whatever size it turns out.

dreamcatcher said...

Great projects, the stole looks lovely and Tempting II is a great pattern.

I really like your Wellington chest, even better that you will have two! What a perfect place to store your knitting supplies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the errata. I'll have to post that on my blog too!

KnitYoga said...

I really like the Print O' the Waves Stole pattern and yours is looking lovely. As regards increase in size after blocking, I think it has a lot to do with the yarn you're using although you do have some control over it as, with wet blocking, you can pin it to the size and shape you want within reason! Your Wellington chest is superb and ideal for organising your knitting stuff. How lucky that you're going to have two of them! :-)

Alice said...

Oh, I really like that Wellington chest. How lovely the pair of them will be...

No idea, I'm afraid, about how much your stole might increase after blocking. I, after all, have enough trouble calculating the right size for a sock!

I think anyone that can knit and read at the same time is just showing off (I'm going to try it right now!).

I'm so glad you said you've been having problems uploading photos to blogger (sorry, that sounds cruel). I've had to try at least 10 times for each photo I posted recently. I never used to have any problems and was wondering if it was my **New Computer**. But I think it's blogger playing up.

Lovely view, by the way!

José said...

your really really good! :) Enjoy the sun.

Tami said...

The knitting chest is lovely.
I love it.

nat said...

Your print o' the wave is looking good!