Good news!

First things first I won the competition on Posh Yarns ! I’m so pleased. Hurray! Thank you Dee.

Another brilliant thing happened this week, my husband (Clever Monkey) qualified as an actuary. He is so clever, most people who don’t have any exemptions take about 5/6 years to qualify but he qualified in 3.5 years. Actuarial exams are so difficult. I used to be an actuarial student before my drastic career change and the maths in the exams used to make me need a lie down and cold, damp flannel on my forehead!

On the knitting front, I have finished both panels of Print o’the Waves, grafted them together and picked up the 640 (!!) tiny stitches around the edge and started knitting the border. It was hard work, I think perhaps I need a magnifying glass next time I attempt that.

Anyway, in celebration of his qualification my husband has decided to treat me to some yarn. I think I’m going to buy the wool for Matilda Jane. I’m thinking of doing it in grey with a black trim but I really can’t decide - any ideas would really be appreciated.

By the way, I have never before felt the urge to knit socks but these have pretty much pushed me over the edge - they aren’t just socks they are works of art!

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week but there has been so much celebrating of Clever Monkey BA FIA (Bachelor of Arts Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries - how grand!) that I haven’t been near my laptop!


acrylik said...

Congrats on winning the Posh Yarns competition! Excellent photo! And congrats to your husband too, that is wonderful news.

Your Print o' the Waves is absolutely beautiful, I really am in awe.

I think grey with a black trim for Matilda Jane would look lovely, although being a bright colour fan I would go for the combination shown, or something similar ;) But if you don't want too strong a contrast any complementary colours would look good - I can just see it in pale blue with a darker blue trim.

Amazing sock pattern - thanks for the link!

dreamcatcher said...

Yay, congrats on winning the PY competition, that's a brilliant photo :-D The stole is looking most excellent, can't wait to see it finished.

Big congrats too, to Clever Monkey! Even the idea of the maths involved there makes me quake in my boots :-)

Brahdelt said...

Congratulations on winning the competition! It was a lovely picture, knitting while buying groceries - I love that idea, we spend so much time in supermarkets travelling through the aisles, why not make it productive! ^^
And of course, well done to your husband!

noblinknits said...

Well done cleer monkey! My sister started training as an actuary but was much happier when she stopped. He must have worked very hard. Matilda Jane is gorgeous. How about chocolate and purple!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lot of work you've put into that stole. It's beautiful!

Alice said...

Cripes - and you have another stole to knit, yet! But it's looking very well-crafted!

Congratulations to CM on the qualification. That's fab. I bet he can hardly remember how to relax, with all the studying he must have been doing.

I looked at those socks a few times but decided they look too advanced for me. I'll be really keeping an eye on yours - aren't they so covetable?

José said...

Congratulations all around!!!! Well done you guys ;)

Sarah said...

Whoops! Sorry I'd done something strange to my blog which meant the comments didn't appear. Sorry for the confusion Redinvention, I removed the duplicate comment.