Tutorial: crochet cast-on

I did this quick tutorial as I use this cast-on method in the pattern for the Celtic Knot Stole.

1. Make a slipknot on the crochet hook.

2. Hold the crochet hook in your right-hand and the knitting needle in your left-hand. Hold the knitting needle on top of the yarn (which is held taut by wrapping it round the fingers of your left-hand and passing it over your index finger, I also find it useful to hold the short tail tightly between the middle-finger and thumb of my left-hand).

3. With the hook to the left of the yarn bring it over the needle and through the loop on the crochet hook forming a stitch on the knitting needle.

4. Take the yarn back under the needle to the left.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is only one more stitch to cast-on.

6. Slip the loop remaining on the crochet hook onto the knitting needle.

7. Ta da! The method makes a nice knitting edge that looks similar to binding off. For lace try to keep the tension fairly loose (it helps to use a bigger hook than you would normally use for the yarn).


gilraen said...

Wow I've never seen that before, thank you for sharing :)

José said...

THANK YOU!! I really want to learn to crochet, your the bestest! :)

Kath said...

Wow - that's a great little tutorial - I've not seen the crochet cast on done like that before and will need to get it straight in my head before I give it a go. Thanks so much for doing that!