Folksy Friday - Fish

We're all on holiday at the moment. Pretty much every holiday we've had since the Little Panda and Merry Berry were born has been at my parents house in Devon. I'm so lucky that my lovely parents let us descend on them with mountains of luggage, two noisy children and still offer to baby sit in the evenings. 

 Today was a perfect day. The sun shone, my husband (Monkey if there is anyone reading from my old blogging days!) finally managed to get off work and join us on holiday, and we went for a ride on a miniature railway (I think I might have mentioned before that a holiday isn't a holiday without a ride on a miniature train - choo choo)! Anyway, as we've been having so much fun I'm a bit late putting my Folksy Friday up. This week I've chosen 'fish' as the theme as it's Good Friday and we've been eating a lot of it! Here are some gorgeous Fishy Folksy Finds...


Edwina Kinch said...

Love the fish selection! Super!
Thanks for including my coin purse.
Enjoy your little holiday! Edwina

Katie said...

heya just wanted to drop by and say hi, thanks for following my blog i am still new and everytime i get a new follower im like woooooo hehe, yours is fab too xx