Meringue Moon 1 Asking for Trouble
Kate McLelland Noah and Mole 6
To celebrate my new blog and my first ever Folksy Friday, I've decided to feature panda products!  All of these gorgeous handmade items can be found for sale on the Folksy website, just click on the images above.  What is it about the Panda with the moustache that makes him so cute?  Here is my Panda also with a moustache.

My own little panda is feeling a bit sorry for himself today after a crash on his scooter (better known as the yellow sky-rocket).  Trust it to happen on the only occasion I hadn't taken my huge bag with me (the one that contains the kitchen sink amongst other things).  I had to staunch the buckets of blood pouring from his mouth with my lovely blue cardie.  Fortunately, the Little Panda felt much better after a pack of chocolate buttons provided by my much more organised friend and a few hugs (provided by me - I never forget those).

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