Does he look a right Charley in this? (No!)

A warm, March, monkey! Look I finished Charley from Rowan 37! Do you like it? I knitted it in All Seasons cotton in shade 164 (Dusky). I’m really pleased with it and so is Clever Monkey. Doesn’t my husband look very handsome in it?

I’m glad that I just made my target of finishing by the end of March, in the end it was only the seaming that held me up.

I know that it was meant to be a birthday jumper but I couldn’t resist seeing it on him straight away.

The bolero top is coming on well. I think I might have that finished soon too - well ahead of my end of April deadline. What shall I knit next…?


becks said...

very nice sweater! just wanted to say thanks for popping by my blog, will be sure to visit yours in the future!

Kathleen said...

Charley really suits your husband. It's one I'd like to try too, that's a lovely colour you've chosen.

Brahdelt said...

I like it! ^^ Good job! I'm going to knit a sweater for my husband soon, although he wants a plain stockinette black turtleneck... Well, I might smuggle a cable or two, we'll see! ^^
Thanks for stopping at my blog and commenting my bags! I'll be reading your knitting diary! (*^-^*)