I made these...

yum yum Mmmmmmmmmmmm gratuitous picture of cup cakes. We are having a coffee morning at work tomorrow. We have these periods of organised play fairly frequently in my division; I think it is supposed to increase team spirit. Oh well, I don’t care what it does if we get to eat cakes and gossip!

Anyway, besides creating culinary marvels (they taste good even if the icing is wonky!) what have I been up to? I’ve almost finished my Debbie Bliss bolero - I do wish she would give her knits more whimsical names… I need a nice name to bond properly. I just have one sleeve to go now so hopefully I will be making it up next weekend and starting on a new adventure. I can't be bother to post a picture because it just looks like lots of stocking stitch at the moment to be honest, but as soon as it looks half decent I will give you a peek.

I’m still having difficulty deciding what to do next but I am leaning towards Flirty (Rowan 37), as I have the wool already.

I need to be knitted

Please knit me into a jumper!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That Clever Monkey looks spankingly good in his Charlie. Is he local?

Sarah said...

I know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Oh my days I simply adore that sweater! How long did ti take you to make it?

I am trying to get one knit for my husband Frank's retirement do, but there's a lack of wool out in Alabama at the moment due to the unseasonally hot weather. Can you send me some over - the same you used for your husband's sweater?

Thanks ever so much