So near and yet so far

I’m so tired! And I really mean it. On Monday I actually fell asleep in a meeting at work, not so unusual you might be thinking to yourselves, but I was taking the minutes! After it finished I looked back through my notes and about every tenth line the end of a word drifts off towards the bottom of the page, that roughly matches every time my headed nodded forwards and then jerked back up again as I managed to miraculously wake myself up. They really shouldn’t hold meetings on waste licensing, these things are bound to happen. It has been one of those weeks really, today I made a complete idiot of myself by trying to let myself through the security barriers at work using my train ticket…

vintage knitDo you every wish that you were a 1950's housewife? I know that it is politically incorrect but I would really like to stay at home cleaning, cooking and knitting. Well some days I would anyway.

I have to apologise because I know that by the time I get home from work I’m even more brain dead, which means that perhaps my posts aren’t the immense works of literary genius that they could be. But to make up for it I’m going to point you in the direction of two blogs that have made me laugh this week. The first is a new one on the UK knitters ring and it is so funny and well written you should check it out (the knitting princess and the pea) and the other is an old favourite with a lot of people but a blog I’ve only recently come across for the first time knit and tonic. It is really funny, especially the poses in the FOs photo albums.

so near and yet so farYou know that I said I was coping with not having the wool yet to finish my bolero? I lied. On Monday night I actually undid the tension square and tied every scrap of wool I had leftover together (one piece was only two inches long) to try and finish it - and I almost did. Almost being getting to within one inch from finishing. I think I‘m even more frustrated than before. I could have cried.


Brahdelt said...

In Poland there is no political correctness and I can say that I want to be a housewife! (*^-^*)
(And I am a part-time housewife. ^^ And the other part is a very busy on-line shop assistant with my own designs of clothing and jewelery, which means I design, sew/make, take photos, update the website, answer the mail, send out the orders, contact the accountant... Sometimes I am so tired I sit on a sofa for a moment and just fall asleep there, I know what you mean!).

dreamcatcher said...

I nearly fall asleep at work sometimes :-) Given the choice between being at home knitting/cooking etc. and work I'd happily take the former. I don't think it's about PC at all, it's about having the choice!

That is so, so frustrating about the bolero, I'd be tearing my hair out I think!


I know exactly what you mean by wanting to be a 1950s housewife....staying at home knitting sounds divine but I think it would have to be a very 21st century kind of housewifery to truly appeal:

1. I need my Dyson
2. I don't actually want any kids in the house, cleaning up after the cat is enough for me
3. I'd quite like to have the 1950s fashions
4. But I'd quite not like to have the 1950s institutionalised racism and misogyny.....

Well a girl can dream can't she?