A proper knitting post

I had a small knitting disappointment over Easter with my Debbie Bliss bolero. I finished the knitting and made up the bolero, I chose some beads for the trim and crocheted about three-quarters of it only to run out of wool.

I am a pretty obsessive person, I’ll admit it. I’m a ‘start something and finish it before you start something else’ kind of girl. So I was momentarily in a state of confusion. I could barely think of anything but getting enough wool to finish the top, I even had knitting dreams. I bet that you all have had those too. Don’t deny it!

Luckily I had this to get me through the anguish!

It’s some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. I LOVE this yarn. It is so incredible soft I can’t stop stroking it. The drape when it is knitted up is exquisite and the sheen beautiful. I said to Clever Monkey that I don’t want to knit with anything else ever again. He gave me a stern look at this, as to be honest the yarn isn’t exactly value for money…

I’m knitting the wrap-around top from the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk knitting book. It is an incredibly easy pattern to knit. You could do it in your sleep.

Knitting with the actual Pure Silk yarn makes me realise why I had some problems using the wool cotton for the bolero top. In the end I think it looks lovely and the trim really finishes it off but the seaming wasn’t easy and looks a little bit bulky. I think that this is mainly because the drape of the wool cotton knitted up is much stiffer than the Pure Silk which the pattern was designed for and the fronts are knitted from side to side and the back from bottom to top.

I have also made a tiny bit of progress on Lisette. Grrrrr (see left).

By the way check out this lovely cardigan from Debbie Bliss on ‘Janet knits’ ‘Janet knits’.


dreamcatcher said...

Isn't it frustrating when you run out of wool, right on the home strait. Did you manage to find any more of the wool cotton? I've certainly had bizarre dreams where quite obviously, what I've been knitting is whizzing around in my subconscious :-)

The DB pure silk looks wonderful, it's definitely on my "to try" list.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Absolutely gorgeous bolero!!
I've run out of yarn as well during a project, it's maddening, but you seem to have coped well. Nice work!

Alice said...

That pink top is really gorgeous. And the moment I saw Lisette I wanted one! Absolutely cannot wait to see it finished, so get a wiggle on!

Anonymous said...

your bolero is gorgeous. what nice work. and the pure silk is....wow... it's so lovely and i don't like pink. but you must look great in the color since your projects are that shade. have you bought ribbon yet for tying the sides? I have not and am not sure that i can find anything similair to my silvery-beige.

Anonymous said...

i noticed that you link to Kim Hargreaves on your website. have you made anything from her patterns? i'm interested in knitting buttercup from her scent of summer collection and wondered how difficult following her patterns might be.

Sarah said...

I suppose you could always use a different coloured ribbon or you could make your own out of some nice fabric. Have you seen the cardigan Ysolda designed (link on the left)? She made some really great ribbon out of some liberty fabric for it.

I love Kim Hargreaves. I've made a couple of things from when she was a deigner at Rowan but I have only bought two of her kits (so far!). The hat Grace and the cardigan called Hawthorn which I haven't started yet. But her patterns are always good, they tend to be quite complex but really well written. Actually Lisette is one of her Rowan patterns I think.