Buttons and Beads

I feel the need to accessorise! I’m planning a design for my own top and I think it’s going to call for some really special buttons. Obviously I won’t be putting these buttons where buttons normally go. I’ll post a picture of my design sketches as soon as I am a bit further on. In the mean time check out the lovelies above!!! I found them on the Nichols Buttons website. They have such an amazing selection - I challenge you not to be inspired.

To move on from buttons I’ve also been pondering on the subject of beads. I need some beads to go around the bottom of Flirt from Rowan 37 and I think that I will also put beads around cuffs of the purple wraparound top I’m making. So I’ve been investigating. Currently for flirt, which I’m knitting with an apple coloured trim rather than the orchid colour pictured in the magazine I was thinking of some semi-precious chips probably in green aventurine . Or these incredibly cute butterflies.

For my little purple top I want something more unusual, maybe in metal but I haven’t found anything I like yet. Suggestions gratefully received…

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Anonymous said...

what a great link.... those look darling buttons.