Knitting makes me car sick

Just got back from Kingston and look at the goodies I've bought! I love kidsilk haze, although maybe I should have bought the blue? It knits up so quickly and it is so soft. Going to go and design the elephant valance in a second, just wanted to show off my purchases.

The funny beige patch is a carpet sample of the carpet we are hoping to get. We are just waiting to check the prices in other places first as I'm guessing John Lewis isn't the cheapest place to shop. However we do want to buy a good quality carpet, apparently it’s all about density. The denser it is the less often you have to Hoover - sounds good to me.

I've bought the Tuscan Retreat book but I think I won't be making anything for a while; it costs a fortune with the amount of wool each project takes. So Monkey suggests I finish some of my other knitting projects before I buy any more yarn. I'm wondering if there is something cheaper I could substitute it with. I'll investigate.

Feeling a bit sick as I was knitting in the car. It never used to make me car sick but I guess now that we hardly ever go anywhere in the car I'm not used to it.

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CraftyPerson said...

Will I make you jealous if I tell you that I work in Kingston and can get to JL, have a good look around and stiil get back in work in time to eat my sandwiches?
The difference between you and me is that I am not a yarn snob, I am a yarn self-flagellant and will almost NEVER let myself buy expensive yarn.. actually I think all yarn is expensive. OK I admit it I have TWO skeins of Colinette hanging on my wall like priceless works of art. The other difference between us is that you LIKE elephants and I AM an elephant so consequently each garment I make myself would cost the same as it cost to build the millennium Dome, or the Scottish National Parliament or.....