I am down in the dumps, well as down as someone with the perfect husband, a lovely flat and plenty of friends can be. Basically the fact is that by now I expected to be ruling the world. Seriously, I was one of those over achieving idiots at school - top in every subject, lead parts in the school plays, and rubbish at P.E. I thought I was destined for great things, when in fact I spend 8 hours a day sitting in an office sending pointless emails and attending long and pointless meetings. My job isn’t bad; in fact it is pretty good. I’m not complaining about that, it’s just I expected something a little more… Well, actually I don’t know what I expected but I really did think I would change the world. Now I struggle through the day dreaming about knitting and opening my own knit cafĂ© in the crazy streets of Epsom. I’m 26, there are MPs younger than me.

Talking of knitting I am half way through the back of the bolero top now, sides left and right completed! By the way I love the Denise needles but more about that another time…

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Anonymous said...

Cheer up, my little Grumpy dwarf. You know you rule my world.