Knitting Shopping Trip

I'm excited. Clever Monkey has promised to take me shopping to John Lewis today. This means I can spend ages wandering round the fabric and craft departments. I can’t wait; I've got loads of ideas for new projects. I'm going to buy some thick crochet cotton and make an elephant filet crochet valance for our kitchen window; some sort of powder blue fabric to make a bias cut, strappy, summer dress; and the new Rowan pattern book Tuscan Retreat, I love the cover jumper (see picture above). No doubt I’ll be picking up some nice yarn too. We hardly ever go shopping, seriously! Although, I suspect this is a good thing because it means that we have better things to do and it means we don’t spend quite so much money!

I have to admit though I do like internet shopping. I have my eye on this dress at Warehouse at the moment but I keep wondering whether I would be better of just making myself one?

Clever Monkey’s jumper is coming on fine and I reckon I’ll be on the sleeves soon. His birthday is at the end of May so I will be finished in plenty of time. I have so many exciting things to knit after that, I can’t wait.

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Anonymous said...

But there won't be time for Kendra to be taken shopping if she spends all morning in her dressing gown writing her blog, though, will there...!