Charley update

Look! I've just reached the armhole shaping on Charley (Rowan Magazine 37 see previous post). It really is such a nice knit. I haven't knitted with All Seasons Cotton before but it is fast becoming a favourite. It is so smooth and knits up so quickly. Do you like the jumper so far? It is a bad photo but I'll try and get some nice ones in daylight when I get a chance.

I'm trying to decide what to start making next, I know that I still have the sleeves to knit but...

There are 3 top options at the moment, no wait a minute 5.

1. Finish Lisette (Rowan 36). This is my guilt jumper that seems to be cursed. Seriously I've never known a piece of knitting to fall of needles so much. I've had to firmly fasten it down with elastic bands.
2. Flirty (Rowan 37) - so cute.
3. Butterfly (rowan 37)
4. Charleston (Rowan 39)
5. My Kim Hargreaves kit jumper that I got for Christmas. Which reminds me I ought to post a picture of my Kim Hargreaves hat I've knitted. It is so cute.

If anyone could tell me how to add finshed projects link to my website I'd be eternally grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Just a little message to cheer you up as you knit away in the other room :-) A nice hot water bottle's coming your way soon...