I'm back!

I’ve been away from my blog longer than intended. When Monkey and I got back from holiday I pressed the ‘go’ button on the computer and nothing. There was no flutter and purr. Luckily Monkey being the Clever Monkey he is, went out and bought a new power supply unit and fixed the computer all by himself (picture of the removed part above!) – although I did sit around and help. Actually most of my attempts to help were stopped with yelps of “don’t touch that!”

We had a great holiday. There was lots of sport on the TV so Clever Monkey watched that and studied. I knitted and knitted and knitted but even with all that effort I still have half a sleeve of Charley to go.

I bought the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk pattern book and it is amazing. The patterns are so stylish but classic at the same time and I love the colours available in the yarn. My mum bought me the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book as she wanted me to knit a gift for someone but she was so impressed with the book that now she is thinking of knitting it herself. I hope that she does it would be brilliant if my Mum got interested in knitting again.

I've added the Debbie Bliss website to my favourite links on the left.

I also bought loads of Rowan wool cotton that was above in a really nice colour (see above). Not sure what to knit with it yet...

By the way, I want to recommend the wool shop in Bideford North Devon just in case you are ever down in those parts. It is really well stocked and the lady who runs it is really friendly. I don't know about you but there do seem to be quite a few dragons running knitting shops out there so it is nice to find someone friendly!

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CraftyPerson said...

Not sure where in Surrey you are Kendra but the wool shop INSIDE Squire's Garden Centre at Upper Halliford (in between Sunbury and Walton-on-Thames) is quite good. You can also have a look around th garden centre, maybe taste cheese in the organic veg shop, take a look in the craft shop (but it looks like it might be closing), see the tropical fish for sale and THEN go for a coffee or an icecream!!

Actually I have a cunning system of carrot and stick. If I go the tip (not far) I am allowed home via Squire's GC and all the other delights... just to look you understand.
The woman who runs the place is very helpful BUT she also leaves you alone which I appreciate.