Lazy day

Hurray!! I have a day off work! After two weeks of my boss being off work I decided that I needed a break, so here I am on a Thursday morning in my pink, fluffy, dressing gown. Last night I nipped into Sainsburys and bought all the required items for a truly lazy day at home. I have malted milk biscuits, hot cross buns and real ‘hack a slice of the loaf’ bread. When I originally took this day off it was in order to bring comfort and solace to my amazing, genius of a husband while he studies for his actuarial exams. Unfortunately being the all round star that he is, his work have cancelled his day off and asked him to solve all their problems and save their entire business. This leaves me all alone at home with the previously mentioned packet of biscuits. Such is the life of the Super Hero's spouse.

Anyway with the Clever Monkey out of the way it gives me ample time to concentrate on finishing his birthday jumper. This is from issue 37 of the Rowan magazine but in a much manlier colour. Pictures do nothing to show off this manliness as I’ve had to resort to modelling the work in progress on my dress maker’s dummy - Monkey being at work and all.

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